Rod and Dave's trip to Tasmania
16th to 23rd May 2009
Dave and I flew into the first rain we had seen for months at Launceston, it rained most of the day but it did not matter as we spent the day exploring the town and on a reconnaissance mission of likely fishing spots.
This is a very brief story as it is the day before the day we leave on our cruise
  • The generosity of Steve Suitor who repaired my fly rod in very short time after it had suffered the classic "car door accident". and took us to the stream pictured streamat the foot of mount Ben Nevin.
  • We used the delightfull caravan park at Longford as a home base most of the time due to the number of highly reputed fishing spots nearby. The park is right beside the river, unfortunatly the fish kept to themselves , only very small ones rising to the occasion.
  • The unfishable state of rivers and lakes on the East coast. The drought has really hit them very hard.
...................story to be continued, meanwhile here's some pics - click on them to see the big picture
  Longford caravan park - Dave even attracts birds here ,as he does everywhere !  
We managed to fit in a visit to Coles Bay
Fisherperson or koala ?
Some of the waters we fished
Steve, master of the art of dry fly fishing in small streams. in action -note the size of the stream ,which yeilded 40+ fish to him and Dave.
I had lunch ready for the great white fisherpersons.

Can you spot the repair ?
Completed by Steve at ...............

When in Tassie get all your fishing gear here.

Andy, Steve and Dave at the shop