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World Axe Throwing Leagues’ Streaming Solution of Choice – Camel City Axe LLC

With multiple successful tournaments under its belt, including the WATL US Open 2022, and 2022 World Axe and Knife Throwing Championships, Camel City Axe has proven its ability to produce a high-quality streaming solution for the biggest and best Axe and Knife throwing tournaments. That is why WATL is endorsing them as the World Axe Throwing Leagues’ streaming solution for choice for 2022.

  • Camel City Axe is authorized to stream WATL Sanctioned tournaments directly to the WATL YouTube Page, for maximum coverage
  • Up to four (soon to be 6) lanes with multiple target and thrower viewing angles
  • Mic capabilities for 2 commentators (more coming soon)
  • Ability to wirelessly mic up to 2 judges and/or throwers (adding more soon)
  • Camel City brings ALL the equipment needed to provide the live stream.

What the venue must provide:

  • Internet connection with a MINIMUM of 50MB/s upstream capabilities
    • WIRED access to the internet is required.
    • We will not live stream over WiFi as it is not reliable and can impact the quality of the stream
  • We can not guarantee the quality of any live stream operating on less than a 50MB/s upstream
  • Max distance from cameras to the streaming booth is 260ft
  • 1 or 2 tables
  • Power

What Camel City Axe provides:

  • Full dedicated streaming rig and all audio/video components 
  • Full PA system for announcements and match calling
  • Self-contained wired and wireless network for IP cameras and other AV equipment

Other services:

  • Venue audio/video systems
  • Video security
  • Distributed ideo
  • Distributed audio

Contact [email protected] to get a custom quote for your event.