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World Axe Throwing League Sponsor Referral Program

Help grow the sport of Axe Throwing by connecting sponsors to WATL!

In the interest of growing the sport and sponsorship opportunities, WATL has compiled some incredible data and created a sponsor deck for use by anyone seeking individual, team, or venue sponsorships.

Additionally, WATL is introducing a program to incentivize individuals in referring their friends, family, and corporate contacts as potential sponsors of the World Axe Throwing League. Many larger, potential sponsors may not be interested in a smaller, individual-level sponsorship; however, should a sponsor inquiry lead to interest from a company such as this, a thrower who makes the connection with WATL would be entitled to a percentage of that contract (essentially still giving them the sponsorship they were seeking initially).

WATL has a lot of value to offer brands looking for national exposure through our relationships with ESPN (as the holder of the exclusive rights to all axe throwing on ESPN), our social media and website reach, and an engaged and active community both online and at in-person events.

Just a few of the opportunities for brands include; commercial inventory, embedded marketing, product placements/takeovers, collaborative programs that benefit our members, social media marketing, and so much more. WATL can help brands tap directly into their target demographic by creating bespoke programs at reasonable rates.

With the launch of this Sponsor referral program, community members will earn 15% of the total first year contract amount of any sponsor they refer that signs with WATL!

  • Step 1: Download the WATL Sponsor Deck
  • Step 2: Distribute it to anyone you have a relationship with, that is interested in getting massive exposure for below-industry rates!
  • Step 3: When they scramble to be the first into your inbox, send us their contact information via the referral form
  • Step 4: When they sign an agreement with WATL, you will receive a check for 15% of the total first-year value of any sponsor’s agreement you referred us to that is over $10,000 USD in value.