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WATL Certified Trainer Program

Today the WATL is ready to announce the Certified Trainer Program ensure all of our affiliates have access to superior training for themselves and their staff. This will include training on becoming a successful coach, helping improve the customer experience and running a successful axe throwing business!

Who is this program for?

This program has been put together to help new venue owners begin their journey in axe throwing or established venue owners looking to round out their knowledge and become a long lasting part of the axe throwing business community.

Our first certified trainer!

Certified Trainers are 3rd party trainers who will travel to your facility. They are business owners and/or individuals that have extensive experience running an axe throwing facility, including backend functions as well as superior knowledge of the sport.

Our first WATL Certified Trainer is someone that has an impressive resume. Miguel Tamburini is a WATL venue owner, has extensive prior experience managing a successful axe throwing venue and was ranked as the #1 axe thrower in the world for the Winter 2020 season with a record breaking score.

Miguel is a natural fit to lead this program with his well balanced resume of experience, passion and talent in the sport of axe throwing.

A venue owner, recently trained by Miguel wrote:

“We had Miguel in town last weekend to train our coaches! We were lucky that Jason Kearney was able to join as well. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! You might think that the training was mostly about the physical act of throwing but that was only maybe 10% of it. The rest of it was about how to generate leads, convert bookings into additional bookings, safety and so much more! Our people were so excited and geared up to go! We’d highly recommend Miguel is anyone needs some help or are starting out new! His passion and knowledge of axe throwing is intoxicating!”

If you’re interested in a session with a WATL Certified Trainer hit the button below and we’ll get you set up as soon as possible!

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