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Benefits of Membership

WATL® Membership Benefits

Social Media

  • WATL® helps promote Affiliates on social media through notable posts directly from Affiliates and announcements on official WATL® social media channels
  • Public recognition of Affiliates on all public forums when possible
  • All Affiliates are listed on the searchable WATL® membership database/map on the official World Axe Throwing League® website
League Membership

Increased League Membership & General Bookings

  • The WATL® membership map and search function on the Official WATL® website allows throwers to find Affiliates across the globe
  • All emails inquiring about league or general booking availability in a specific area are replied to with the nearest venues to the requester

Access to League/Tournament Software

  • WATL® has the most advanced axe throwing software on the market
  • The app helps Affiliates facilitate official WATL® leagues and tournaments
  • League players can track their progress each season using in-app statistics
  • Global and local rankings let players track their progress and standing on a local and international level
  • The app is currently in the process of developing software and new iterations that includes:
    • An enhanced, online booking engine including lane management, created specifically for axe throwing venues
    • Online waiver management for customers to use via tablet, phone or any internet enabled device
    • Integration to the WATL® App so groups can see their scores live on screen in real-time
    • More features to be announced in 2020

Participation in WATL® Sanctioned Leagues and Events Including the World Axe Throwing Championships

  • Participating in league play helps build a fan base and a community around Affiliate venues for repeat customers
  • Players come back season after season to compete against local competitors and across the world on the global leaderboards
  • WATL® offers three league play options to maximize the efficiency & revenue potential of each league
    • Standard League
    • Big Axe League
    • Duals (Where 2 participants throw an axe, at the same time, at the same target)
  • Players from each venue who attend WATL® sanctioned televised tournaments also have a chance to represent your location on ESPN

Discounted Purchase of WATL® Certified Axes, Target Stencils, Markers and Merchandise

  • WATL® manufactures and sells axes, target stencils, and markers via the online store to the public
  • WATL® offers all these products at a discount for Affiliates to help save costs on day-to-day operations
  • Merchandise and WATL® axes are also available at a discount allowing affiliates to sell at a markup for additional revenue

Coaching Certification and League Judging Certification

  • WATL® offers Axe Coaching and Safety Certifications to help standardize axe safety across the world. Coaches who complete the certification will have a wealth of information on how to make an entertaining, knowledgeable, and safe time for customers
  • The Judging certification will assist the standardization of leagues. All judges will be added to an international database and be registered online to show your venue is official as well. Giving certified judges the opportunity to assist with and participate in larger global tournaments

Discount on Insurance

  • WATL® is the exclusive partner of the largest axe throwing insurer in the world and Affiliates access member-only discounted rates
  • As WATL® continues to gain more Affiliates, WATL® will continue to negotiate the lowest rate possible in the industry for members

Operational Support

  • Headed by the Commissioner of the World Axe Throwing League®, Mike Morton, WATL® aims to give each Affiliate many resources to assist each venue by providing the best possible quality experience for guests


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