• Waffles drama
    Panic set in when Kaye found she needed her ship card to board the tender to be ferried ashore at Exmouth, fortunately another was issued (returning to our cabin would take too long). When we returned from our snorkeling adventure we arranged to meet back in our cabin after I had a beer downstairs. My cold beer was rather nice so I had another which led to a snooze on deck chair.
    When I did return to the cabin i saw two sodden messes and an irate wifey. She had been up stairs and got 2 waffles with ice cream, but here original card had been canceled when she received the replacement card would not open our door. !
    The way I hear it, they had to summon the captain because the card had already been replaced that day. I think that is as close as I will ever come to wearing a sodden plate of waffles and ice cream in the face.

  • Stranded Passengers
    Before departing Port Klang the captain announced that four passengers had not returned to the ship. He waited 20 minutes before casting off and using the side thrusters to push away from the pier. The ship was only 5 metres out when a taxi came speeding onto the wharf and four very anxious people jumped out waving frantically, but there was no going back. We waved cheerily at them as we sailed off into the sunset. We believe they flew to Penang and rejoined the ship the next day.

  • Tender Drama
    While retrieving one of the 4 tenders that took us ashore at Penang one of the winches  failed and could not lift it back on deck. After 2 hours of banging (if it doesn't work first time, get a bigger hammer) it was lifted half way up when the winch on the other end failed, dropping it back into the water.
    I am not sure why it took so long but it was eventually decided to leave the tender in Penang, to be picked up when the ship returns in June. We sailed at midnight, 6 hours late but made up some time and arrived in Phuket 3 hours late. The stopover was extended by an hour and we had 3 days to make up the rest of the time before reaching Chochin.

  • Lift Drama
    Kaye was given a serve when she pushed the "close doors" button in a lift. An arrogant bloke said "It's people like you that stuff up the lifts, that's what makes them all stop on deck 6 at he same time"  !!

  • Art Auctions
    I have not figured out the connection between these and cruising. Do some people go just to buy works of art ?

  • New Passengers
    We saw so many people we had not seen before that I reckon the ship stops during the night and 500 people get off and another 500 get on.

  • 15 Minutes of fame
    After dinner one evening we went to see Phil Cass, the comedy/magician. When he asked to borrow a $ $50 note Kaye retrieved one she had tucked into her bra to take to the casino and waved it at him. This resulted in me being called up to be the magicians’ bunny. While being escorted on stage by his glamorous assistant she whispered to me that the higher I jumped when I felt a tingle in my bum the better the effect would be.
    I was asked to sit in the “electric chair” and whenever I got a question wrong I felt a tingle and jumped up holding my bum in mock agony.
    Over the next 40 minutes Phil had me open an exploding pen, produced my watch from his pocket, found a $100 note in my fly , zapped me at least 6 times, produced a large brass bowl from a brief case, had me open a sealed cigarette packet  which contained our $50 note and performed amazing rope tricks which I could not pick from close range. Apparently the other passengers enjoyed it as over the next few days I was asked many times if I had been put up to it and congratulated for putting on a good show.


  • Piracy drill
    After leaving Cochin, heading south down the coast of Somalia nozzles with high pressure fire hoses attached had been mounted along both sides of deck 7.
    Our drill was when we heard the alarm which was 5 blasts of the ships horn, to return to our staterooms (the Sun Princess does not have cabins ! ) as quickly as possible and jam the door open so we could hear announcements.
    One woman who was hoping for the real thing had put a sign on her cabin window that read 'Pirates Welcome' with a heart on it. !
  • Rough seas.
    I had been wondering if the Indian Ocean is always as calm as it had been for the first 28 days of our cruise, I was to find out it is not.
    As soon as we left Richards Bay heading further south towards the Cape of Good Hope the weather started to get rough, all the next day we had 7 to 8 metre swells and 60 knot headwinds. It was not until we were around the Cape that we came into sheltered waters  and the rockin’ and rollin’ eased off.  As the ship ploughed into  the waves the sea  spraying over the window of our deck 5 cabin  blocked the light out, forming an eerie light then dark effect.  The captain had warned us to avoid using lifts as they were likely to fail and use handrails on stairs. Access to deck 7 had been closed off and all the water spilled out of the swimming pools.  Luckily we avoided seasickness but it attacked a lot of other passengers and crew.
    The ship had slowed to avoid too much rolling so we were six hours late arriving in Cape Town.


  • Gastro
    An outbreak of gastroenteritis on cruise ships is not uncommon. Ours occurred just after we left India. (funny about that) . The symptoms are diarrhoea vomiting and high temperature and can be debilitating. It is spread by touching infected surfaces, some people were confined to their cabins for 3 days but Kaye and I escaped the worst of it. “Enhanced hygiene” measures were introduced. These were most obvious in the buffet where self service was abandoned , staff served helpings of your chosen food.

  • Service
    The wait staff were all very friendly and efficient.
    How do they remember so many names and their drinks .?
    Kaye was surprised when we went up to Smokers Corner on deck12, the waiter caught my eye, I nodded and he bought my beer with the comment "Hi Rod did you have a good trip ashore".