• Shop around before you book. we found a large variation in prices that passengers had paid, apparently not all were told that they could book Fremantle - Cape Town and had paid a lot of money for the whole 41 day round trip. New Zealanders got a great deal with air fares to Fremantle included.  We had a really good deal with a limo to and from home,2 nights hotel in Cape Town and air fare back to Melbourne.

  • Ship organized land tours are expensive. Unless there is something you specifically want to see listed on a tour there is usually no need to book one. You can get a taxi at the gate and hire it for 4 hours sightseeing very cheaply.

  • Be aware that the drivers of local taxis  will get a reward for taking you to some gem, factories” that are actually shops, where you will get a “special discount “. You may not have wanted to stop there but you can maintain a good relationship by simply going in and having a look around.

  • The 10% “gratuity” added to your bill is optional. If you have fallen for the hard sell spiel, go to the Pursers desk and have it cancelled. A “gratuity” is paid on each drink you buy regardless. 
  • Three times around deck 7 is 1 km. It can take from 8 to 20 minutes- depending on how long you stop to watch the skinny bitches working out on the gym.

  • Do not smoke on deck 7 in the morning – all the power walkers sneer at you, they hunt in packs and elbow aside power strollers.

  • Do not forget your ship card, you cannot buy a beer without it, and you are clocked off and on every time you leaving the ship. Take a lanyard to hang your cruise card around your neck. - -They cost $7 on board. !

  • Leave the big decision about which of 4 eating areas you are going to eat in until the last minute, none are crowded.


  • All the bars are deserted by 10pm. Us grey cruisers need our beauty sleep to prepare for the next strenuous day.

  • Cappuccino is expensive but you can buy  a coffee card, there is a big discount and free hot chocolate. Better still, BYO instant cappuccino packets with you.

  • Do not try to breathe through nose while snorkeling.

  • The internet room, adjacent to the library has terminals that are connected to the internet,( but do not have any office programs) and wireless is available on most areas of the ship. However it is very expensive, there are several pre paid plans or pay-as-go , most average out at 25c minute, so I kept to reading and updating Face book to keep family members up to date on our progress.

  • The waffles and ice cream bar opens at 3.30 pm (Important to know this !) 

  • There are digital print machines in the photo shop, they can read memory cards and USB sticks. At 15 cents a print they are much cheaper than the ship photos. Prints are available after 6pm the next day.
    Get someone to take your photo with your camera on the gangway and save heaps !

  • Cash from your credit card is only available from the casino , Not the pursers desk. This could leave you short if you are cruising in Australian waters where the casino is closed.

  • Allocated tables in the dining rooms is not everyone's cup of tea but it does give the opportunity todevelop friendships.

  • The 2 dining rooms are identical so if you go out during dinner you run the risk of going back to the wrong one and finding strangers at your table.