Geelong, Australia                                  Brooks River , Alaska  




Twas the night before denning, and all through the park,

Not a creature was stirring ,not even a mouse .

The chocolates were hid in the files with care, in hopes that Ranger Roy would soon be there.

The bears were all snorkeling for one last feast, with visions of salmon piled up at their feet.

The staff in King Salmon were all kicked back, busy eating the chocolates before RR got back !

 When out in the snow, there arose such a racket, that evil mad staff rushed for their jackets !
 They ran to the window, and peeking outside, their hearts all a flutter from their mad wild ride.
And what did they see, much to their surprise? 

 A rusty old snowmobile, with RR astride !

He looked like a driver straight out of their nightmares,  and following behind came his crew of den-damions.

There was Ted and Otis and Digger the deadly,   Little Tundra and Flo with her slashing white claws.  But most fearsome of all with his half-ton  hulk,  came Lurch the Louse with a mouse in his mouth!

They came to the door in a right madding rush,  while inside the staff fled to every corner and crack, 
  Quiet, someone whispered, " Donít open the door!  First wipe all the chocolates from mouths and from floor!  "
They scrambled and scurried this way and that,  like the rats they were , and now trapped in a maze.

The door flew open and who stood there but Lurch ,  and  boy was he mad !  
 "  I'm leading the way for RR and his crew, we want all the chocolates, every single last one ! "

Th staff, oh my, how they lied...  what chocolates they said as sweet as a bride.   
  " No chocolates in here have we ever seen,  we've just been busy with cleaning and filing and chores and such things ! "

Then Flo looked down at the floor and she cried, "Aha !  What is this I have spied?"
With her long white claws, she picked up a black speck, and sniffing and testing, so sweet it did taste.. 
  She tasted and tested and looked at RR, "They've stolen the chocolates and eaten them all! "

That wicked evil staff -- Oh my , how they lied !  
Did them no good, by this crew they were tried.  
Bagged and tagged, and delivered to Lurch,   

Now on their way to a new cache on the Brooks! 
So listen all you readers and take heed to this tale,  

 If you should stumble upon chocolates in your workday,   I beg you don't touch them,  just let them lay.

Else a surprise visit you might receive,  
From Lurch and the Brooks River Crew

Sande White