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Anchorage spring 2013

Savage koala attack




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This page is intended for tragics who are obsessed with the  web cam


At Katmai National Park, Alaska, kindly provided by
                                        This is not an official site or photo gallery

If you see the live  button in bottom right hand side of video you are watching live action
If it is not there you are watching reruns from previous days
If there is a black screen after you click on the arrow the cam is down

Live cameras should be back in May/June 2014

newwhale cam



3 Bears fairy story -TRUE VERSION
A far more accurate account of the events of that fateful morning...

SCREENSHOTSHOFOpens in new window


First Sceenshot from cam (except Dumping Mountain) of snow falling and settled on the ground. emailed to me

2012 screenshot competion winner ILUVLEAK
2013 OZ QUIZ Winner Erin J with 99.5 %
4000 page counts competiion winner NickyA

Secret Sound Competition Won by BBshort
- click to hear
First screenshot from live cam competion - Winner Pwhitted



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newakjen AK Jens great pics and dairy blog from Palmer Alasaka


Non-profit education and rescue center with an exquisite three-quarter acre habitat for orphaned Brown Bear cubs complete with covered viewing areas.

fbKATMAI BEAR KRAZYS Thanks to Sand for updating this regularly
SLIDESHOW- COYOTE on BISON PLAINS screen shots by Samantha Eye


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mother-protects-her-cubs-at-brooks-falls cubs go over the falls -Video

Elephants fight under water
Recorded from AFRICAM Idube webcam 13 June 2013
fkickr  My screenshots and contributed bear and webcam pics

Australian Slang So you can interpret what we say

africam Live webcams in Africa  

Utube index
Ep. 1 my Screenshots
Ep.2 - My Screenshots

cougerThe Bear Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud.
Thanks to Bbshort -has happy ending !

bearawolves Clash:Encounters of Bears and Wolves  Short clip 
novideo The message I get when I go to Full video   ??
wolf   Movie  V2  of the creature Ranger Roy identified as a wolf .
bear Polar bears blessing   
Black bear lounging around
Bear attacks plane in Alaska
                                                                 utube VIDEOS     Brown bear and salmon cam   "the cache"

Dogs versus grizzly bears    Dogs win !                                    

Alaska brown bear trapped

raindeer Running of the reindeer
Anchorage Alaska 2013
One    Two    Three    Four    Five
birdseye   birds Birdseye commercial    with our bears

bear     KatmaiBrownBears channel

ship    Alaska Cruise

G'Day from Australia      

Huge Bear Surprises Crew on Photo Shoot in BC   

World's Deadliest: Kangaroo Kickboxing

Kodiak Bear Falls to Her Death 

 GRIZZLY FIGHT COMPILATION HD - katmai, alaska, , bear fight .

Bears at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Land of the Grizzly Bear: The Wild Life by the Sharpys, Alaska  

 Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center     A look behind the scenes                 

Platypus    Australian aquatic animal video highlight

The Bear Song  -funny

View from Cabin 27 Brooks Lodge

Katmai Nationa Park -The Bears
National Parks History of Katmai   
Window to Katmai National Park
How to use bear spray 
How Ted got his scar


flckrIRL-Joanies good pics on Flickr

bear camFlickr page

Buckeye Bobs bear pics

flckr Sand's Flickr page

flckr Jane62's photos of her trip to Brooks River

flckr Stephen Brkich 's great photo record of his visit to Brooks camp and other places

flkkr Ranger Jeanne's great photos from other side of the falls

fkickr  Mocha's screenshots   

fkickr  pbwhitted's photostream     

fkickr    Oso Katmai's photostream

flickr   Luvnatures pics

flickr  Ranger Roys Flickr photos


          The ends of the Earth -  New Alaska doco  

humbird    Hummingbird Nest Cam   

webcam  Video of Whitted and daughter at Yosemite NP by Buckeyebob

bearwithus  Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears


   Southwest Florida Eagle Cam 

Brooks Camp in Katmai may get 350-foot bridge above bears 

  NEWS from all over Alaska   Readers photos   

fisgandg  Alaska Fish and Game Dept Brown Bear facts 

alska In Homer

earthcam     Live webcams from around the world 

SHOWMYSTREET.COM     Put in your, or any, adress and look around  

  Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center   

  See if Firstfan rates a mention !  and great readers snowfall photos.

   Anchorage webcam

  grizzly bay  Website by  Jessica Teel
Contains great photos , some from Katmai NP 

  nabc Live cams of black bears and 2 videos of brown bears at Katmai NP       

ksnews Local news for King Salmon, AK  updated from thousands of sources on the web.

volcanos  web cams   

blog   scottgrobareks? blog on KNP good read and photos

blog Mason McLeods blog as a ranger at Natmai NP Excellent read and pictures.

WildCam Grizzlies Project
 Report that Ranger roy worked on re the original webcam 

    National Park live  webcams  you might see some bison

 Watch wolves live while our bear cam is down

"Dry Cabin" living in Alaska
   from the Alaska Dispatch -read the comments below

 Katmai Nationa Park on Google Earth   
Katmai National Park and Preserve Flickr page  some great photos here

Katmailand -Brooks Lodges  includes 2013 package costs

Two grizzly bears fighting in Alaska's Katmai National Park 

Ode to the brooks rangers      by Sande White

Rangers blogs including Ranger Roys story of the cache

Night of the Grizzly~ A True Story Of Love And Death In The Wilderness ~

Report on the life and death of tom Treadwell . Thanks to Kevin Sanders for permission to put link

Hilarious John West Ad.
  watch to the end
 Photographer charged with feeding bears
Thanks to Craig Medred for permission to put this link  here  

There is an excellent panarorama of the site by Roy wood 

National Parks service  Brooks Park and Reserve   website

Download   Alaska Bear Safety brochure  (not Katmai specific)

Download a copy of the Bears of Brooks river e book (8.2 mb .pdf)  It will help to identify the bears

Great story about Brooks bears and Japanese  tourists
Courtesy of Barb Bellkamp and the Junea Empire

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