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This page is intended for tragics who are obsessed with the  web cam




The great VEGEMITE challenge


Objective . To find a jar of vegemite in a store in the USA or Canada


  1. The vegemite must be purchased from a store in the USA or Canada
  2. The vegemite must not have been sent to the USA by a relo or friend in Oz.
  3. The vegemite must not have been given to you by a cruise ship passenger
    ( When cruise ships come to OZ for summer they
    a. Provide vegemite in the buffet
    b. Provide proper bacon , soft -not fried to a cinder.
    c. Provide proper coffee
    d Cancel the compulsory tip.- Ozzies don't do tipping)
  4. The vegemite must not have been dropped from a passing QANTAS plane
  5. The vegemite must not have been bought on Ebay or any other on line site.
  6. Ozzies and Kiwis are not eligible to enter.
  7. All photoshopped entries will be excluded and the senders named in comments (Buckeye Bob please note!)


VEGEMITE 1. Everyone over 40 knows the tune !

VEGEMITE 2 Watch from 5.28 to the end !

VEGEMITE 3 You need it much thicker that this guy !


The person who submits the best photo of themself , partner , grandchild, or great grandchild eating vegemite thickly spread on toast, with the vegemite bucket, jar or tube visible.

All entries must provide the adress of the store where it was bought, so it can be verified on

All entries will be put up on this page, email them to


An Australian postcard personally signed by me and Kaye.

Closing date

Extended due to popularity !



It must be at least this thick


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