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Believed to be a derivation of the American slang gunsel (1), meaning a gangster or hoodlum who uses a gun, popularised in books such as The Maltese Falcon. In these books the implication was that a gunsel was somewhat foolish and reckless. The word gunzel originated from the Sydney Tramway Museum in the 1960s as a term for foolish or reckless railfans who shot at things with cameras. Usage was originally confined to south eastern states, it has since spread to the whole of Australia and parts of New Zealand. May be used to refer to a specific interest, e.g. "freight gunzel", "tram gunzel".

Gunzel activity. taking too many railway photographs;
. collecting engine numbers;
. sitting on platforms merely to watch trains;
. taking 2 or 3 day excursions in rail motors to outlandish places;
. pedantic concentration on esoteric details, not confined to but especially
timetables and safeworking;
. poor social graces (washing habits, unfashionable clothes, boring
conversations, getting in other peoples’ photographs).



Self-Administered Gunzel Quotient Test
Answer yes or no to the following….

(1) I have purchased at least one publication devoted to railway enthusiasm.
(2) I have heaps of railway enthusiast publications.
(3) I am or once was a member of a railway enthusiast society.
(4) I am a member or once was a member of many railway enthusiast societies.
(5) I took a photo of a train once.
(6) I have heaps of photos of trains.
(7) I once looked at a railway oriented website
(8) I maintain my own railway website, and look at many others.
(9) I once sat on a platform and watched trains go by
(10) I frequently gather with fellow enthusiasts to watch trains go by. (11) I know what a railmotor is
\ 12) I have been on at least one railmotor trip to a far distant country destination.
(13) I know what a smokebox is.
(14) I know how many rivets there are in the smokebox of R711.

For each odd-numbered question answered “yes”, score 1 point;
for each even numbered question answered “yes” score 10 points.

GQ: less than 10: what possible interest could you have in trains
GQ 11-35: keep at it, you’ll get there eventually.
GQ: 36-50 solid achievement, suggest you take master classes.
GQ: 51-69 are you prepared to give master classes?
GQ: 70+ ok, so was that the number of rivets in the smokebox of R711 before or after outshopping after major overhaul on 01/05/58?

In the interests of transparency, my score is 47. !!



This gunzel brought his own chair
Thanks to the photshopper




That bloke sounds like me !!
Thanks Martina for the link


;Our train on its way to chuchill ??ill





The California Zephyr stops at Truckee CA twice a day as shown on the timetable.
A webcam on the balcony of the Truckee Hotel shows an intersection that it crosses. how in the timetable

  zeph1 zeph2

If you post a screenshot of it in the Explore Beluga Wales Sky Cam comments you have won the Australian Gunzel postard below

Please print the 2 pics below , cut them and stick the2 bits back to back .



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