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The Royal Australian Air Force in Ubon

In 1962 Thailand, a member of the South East Asia Treaty Organisation requested the SEATO nations for military assistance to help defend Thailand in case of any attack from North Vietnam troop movements along its northern borders.
As of 31 May 1962 to 1968 (to honour Australia's commitment to the SEATO) the RAAF committed a contingent of 250 personnel, andprovided a support squadron of eight sabre aircraft to be sent to Ubon, Thailand to patrol the Thai/Laos border area, assisting Thailand in defending against communist insurgents and terrorists from neighbouring countries to the east.
Ubon, near the Laos border in eastern Thailand was, over six years, home to some 2000 RAAF personnel living in very basic conditions and operating with just bare necessities. In 1965 their role was broadened to assisting the USAF in the tactical air war against Vietnam. The USAF used the air base at Ubon to launch air attacks on North Vietnam 24 hours a day. 79 Squadron was affectionately known as TWA - Teeny-Weeny-Airline, by the USAF who operated some 90-plus F-4 Phantom Fightersfrom Ubon on Vietnam missions.
No.79 Squadron (formed on 24 June 1962 from 77 Squadron detachment) and RAAF Base Squadron personnel can be very proud of the excellent serviceability rate maintained over the years and the excellent support provided by ground staff.
They have finally been recognised by the Australian Government by the recent award of the Australian Service Medal and clasp "Ubon" 1945-1975.

I served in Ubon as a Radio technician (ground) from 8th May 1963 to 27th September 1963, during that time I had R & R trips to Hong Kong and Bangkok.


RAAF Contingent Ubon was withdrawn 31 August 1968.

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