eos air train bus
It looked easy on paper.

warkOur 23 day cruise from Sydney on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas docked at Seattle at 7am. 
Book the RC shuttle to the airport. I had seen various reports on how long that would take from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours , so to allow for disembarking, immigration, etc. I had played it safe by booking the ships shuttle and our Delta Airlines flight to Las Vegas for 3.30 pm. Too easy.

The day before we docked the cruise newsletter said there was Delta bag drop and shuttle at the pier , so we cancelled our RC ship shuttle . That evening we heard that Delta no longer had an agent at the pier. Checking with reception they confirmed that was true. OK, just rebook the ships shuttle. No, they are all sold out !    We found out later that it was 12 months since Delta had a desk at the pier .Thanks RC.

loaderWe had left our luggage out the night before to be collected and were instructed  to wait in the theatre next morning , our number was scheduled to be called at 8 am, too early for breakfast before we disembarked  but by doing it in groups I assumed we would not have a long wait to clear immigration. At 8.30 there was an announcement that disembarkation was running late. Our  number came up at 8.45 am . Great, I thought we were nearly there .
We were ushered around the ship out on to deck 5 where the queue was half way along the ship to the gangway, across the walkway then back the ships length to the entrance to the immigration , customs and luggage pickup shed .
So much for quick and easy disembarkation !
However, it was fun watching the crates of luggage fall off  the front end loader and spread all over the pier - 3 times !
bagsThe luggage was supposed to be arranged in bays in numerical order, but were actually  it was all over the place so passengers were hunting everywhere , I found mine but Kayes was not to be seen . We enlisted the help of someone in uniform but 15 minutes later he reported no luck ! I eventually spotted it up against a wall . The number had been torn off. Probably when it fell off the front end loader.

 OK,  now all we have to do is get a shuttle to the airport. Several people with hi viz vests did not know where we could pay for one, all the coaches there were for booked for RC passenger. Eventually we found an Shuttle Express  tent at the and of the pier manned by a very nice afro American guy with a laptop. "Sure just pay me but there will be a short delay as we have some bookings but I will take your money and  call your name to put you on the first one that has spare seats" was his encouraging response.
We waited in the cold, watching several mini buses come and go, after 45 minutes the nice man noticed us still there said " Oh sorry your booking has disappeared from my system " He was so embarrassed he hailed his mate to take us in a limo . The one bright spot of the day.  End of story ?  Nopeshuttle
The limo driver dropped us at the Delta terminal where there is a bag drop on the kerb. The guy there put our passports through the machine but it did not recognise our booking. "you have to rescan them inside" he said. An assistant at the console could not print our boarding passes either , " You have  go to the counter " At the counter it was pointed out that I had not read the small print that indicated our flight was operated by Skywest, and the Skywest ....... was at another terminal , a shuttle bus ride away.

At Skywest it was discovered that I had put a typo in Kayes name when I booked and as it did not match her passport so there was a problem . As the ticket had been issued by Delta the lady there could not change it . She said she would try to phone them but they were always busy. She was one of the few people I tipped in the U.S. when she said it was all fixed.
After all that it was we only had 35 minutes wait at the gate for our flight to Las Vegas which was also a disaster , we were squashed in the rear seats that do not recline and do not have a window, for the 2 hour journey.
On arrival at Las Vegas we walked a mile to the shuttle area paid $20 each and  waited 35 minutes  for a trip to our hotel . We were too exhausted to show any interest in the drivers long sad story about her dog
When we returned the taxi fare from out hotel was $15 !

We could not go any further than the casino coffee shop for dinner that cost us $85 . Whatever happened to cheap casino meals ?

Not the best of days for one who is  prone to anxiety attacks !